Find 'Em All

screenshot FindEmAll is another graphical find-and-grep tool.
It was inspired by XFCE-3's XFglob and Efinder from the Equinox desktop environment.
Compared to other similar tools Findemall is very resource efficient and pretty fast. On my own system I found searches with Findemall to be up to five times faster than with gnome-search-tool.
The usage is hopefully self-explanatory, just select a search path and a filename-filter and, in case you want to search the found files for content, enter the search phrase into the "Content" entry field; the "File options" page lets you pass additional parameters to find, in the "Content options" page you can select some more options to grep.


Besides the usual search options FindEmAll features some options many similar programs do not offer, like: Files may be opened in your favorite editor by a double-click on an entry in the list of results. Right-clicking a file opens a context menu that allows to choose an arbitrary application to open this file.



No need to compile anything, after unpacking the tar.bz2 archive, simply run to install FindEmAll into /usr/local (or simply run "python" from within the source tree).


None known.


Mar. 10 2013: FindEmAll-1.4

I fixed a bug in the search logic that caused FindEmAll to get stuck in file system loops when a content search was performed.
Besides this there are a few changes in the gui and the software requirements: Pmw is no longer needed, however a Tk version of 8.5 or newer is required.
For your convenience the TkinterTreectrl package is now included.

Mar. 17 2010: FindEmAll-1.3

I added a workaround for a bug in some Python versions that caused FindEmAll to crash.
Instead of find's "-wholename" option FindEmAll now uses "-path", for compatibility with BSD "find" (and hopefully those from other Unices).
The text editor FindEmAll uses to open files is now no longer hard-coded to "nedit"; if the environment variable XEDITOR is set, this will be used instead. Besides this you can now easily change it from the new "Preferences" tab.
Furthermore I changed the directory structure of the "locale" directory, so that translations are now found when FindEmAlll is run from the source tree, without installing ".mo" files.

Jan. 18 2009: FindEmAll-1.2

I added a switch to show or hide hidden directories to the "choose directory" dialog box.

Nov. 29 2008: FindEmAll-1.1

I fixed a serious bug that could have caused the search to hang when grep tried to open FIFOs or decvice files and a minor bug that might have caused some search results to be omitted. I also added a switch that allows to omit hidden files and directories from the search and made several improvements to the gui. For more details please look into the ChangeLog (included in the tarball).

Nov. 21 2006: FindEmAll-1.0

Initial release.


FindEmAll is available for download on its sourceforge site


FindEmAll is licensed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License.


Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are highly welcome.
Please mailto:
Michael Lange <klappnase (at) users (dot) sourceforge (dot) net>

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